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Motor and yachting has become a modern lifestyle for many and has become a viable leisure and leisure activity, gaining global popularity.


The fascination of the sea as a habitat is predisposed in the nature of man and the yearning for sun and sea is probably as old as man can think.


Today, Libre offers investment with a sea value to the general public, access to a VIP investment with innovative and promising technology.

About Us

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More by sea! Libre Yachting GmbH is a young and innovative yacht charter company whose worldwide network of selected partners gives its charter clients access to unlimited sailing pleasure, breathtaking landscapes and pure enjoyment on the water.

Investment- and Profit-Possibilities

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Calculation Example

Yacht-Purchase € 210 000.-
26 weeks booked (average, pA) € 1 950.-
Fully funded after 7 years with guaranteed return rate 4.5%
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worldwide agency activities for yacht charter clients

practice-oriented training center for motor and sailboat

Provider of special trips (areas & contents)

Yacht Charter Investments also for small investors

Core competences of the Libre network

Handshake quality partnerships in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey, some of which are already in the third generation of the yacht charter business

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